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Solved New User Payment Friction with Stripe Optimization

Identified and eliminated bottlenecks within the payment flow to improve conversion rates for new sign-ups.

Stripe Integration

We fixed data consistency issues between the app and Stripe. The fix resulted in an immediate recovery of $525 monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and prevented future financial losses that could be up to $1500 MRR.



While the number of new users increased, the revenue slowly fell.



We gathered all the data from Stripe and saved it into our database. We then analyzed it using SQL and Metabase, revealing a severe Stripe integration breach. This breach was related to asynchronous communication and the unordered processing of webhooks. Our team worked together to come up with possible solutions and ultimately found an easy fix for the issue regarding the architecture. The fix didn`t pose any risks to the business. We were able to fix the architectural issue related to the webhook processing and correct the historical data. We also activated subscriptions for all users we could recover.

We have set up monitoring with Metabase and Slack to prevent the issue from happening again.



MRR increase
Loss Preventation

983 out of 9,471 premium users did not have an actual subscription, which is roughly 10%. Of these 983 users, 514 had a "deleted" status, indicating they had not used the app for a long time. Only 469, equivalent to 5% of all premium users, could exploit the issue. However, only 79 of them had used the app in the last three months and received an attempt to reactivate their subscription. Out of these, 20 immediately acquired an active subscription. The rest got moved to the free plan. The reactivation of the subscriptions resulted in approximately a $525 MRR increase. The applied fix aims to prevent future financial losses that could amount to $1500 in MRR (these are rough calculations done on the historical data).

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