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  • Fix app problemsTech issues fixed
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Unleash the full potential of your business with our expert Ruby on Rails consultant services. At our company, we handle the technical side of things so you can focus on growing your business. Trust our Ruby on Rails developers to deliver top-notch solutions that drive results. Contact us today to learn more.

What we do

It’s not enough to fix a bug. When you work with us, all underlying issues in your application get fixed. That way, your app won’t be slowed down by a new problem each week. To do this right at Widefix, our experts, including Ruby on Rails consultants and Ruby on Rails developers, are specialised in a wide range of Ruby applications, such asRuby on Rails, Hanami, Sinatra, Grape, Roda, Rack, and fully custom Ruby applications.

We also work with JavaScript: React, Next.js, ReactNative, Node.js

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  • Application stability improvement
  • Performance improving
  • Fixing memory leaks
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Devops & Maintenance

  • Code refactor
  • Bugs fixing
  • Deployment
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Systems Integration

  • End-to-end feature development
  • Designing & developing new design screens
  • REST API development & design
  • GraphQL Development
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Development & Design

  • Payment gateways integration
  • Transaction SMS
  • Auto Phone calls integration
  • Monitoring & analytics tools
  • Making your app look good
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Quality Assurance

  • Increasing test coverage
  • Manual and Automated Testing
  • Performance testing

Why you can trust WideFix for your application

You can trust WideFix

Icon for Expertise and experience block Expertise and experience

Our team of experienced developers has a track record of delivering high-quality code and solving complex problems. We have the skills and knowledge to tackle any project, no matter how challenging

Icon for Innovative solutions blockInnovative solutions

We stay on the cutting edge of technology and uses the latest tools to deliver the best solutions to clients. Timely internal code review and QA ensure in maintaining high standards and meeting client expectations.

Icon for Dedicated block Dedicated Support

We offer unparalleled support and customer service. Whether you have a question about your project or need help troubleshooting, our team is always here to support you and ensure your project’s success.

You have a lot to consider. Let experts optimize your app that customers will love to use!

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Stop wasting time

You waste a lot of time by guessing how to optimize your app. Let the team of experts at Widefix help you out.

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Win over your customers

With our expertise, your application will stand out in new markets. Customers will love to use your application!

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Fix underlying issues in your app

Identify high-risk technical challenges with suggestions for best solution, technology stack & architecture

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It’s super easy to make your app a winner

Here’s what you need to do.

Clients who trusted us with their projects

We provide our services to clients worldwide, spanning the United States, Europe, North and South America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, Australia, and beyond.

Widefix has a proven track record in application development. Read more about our expertise.

All of that outstanding work has been recognized by our clients and partners. We are proud to be a leading global Ruby on Rails consulting company.


A book authored by the founder of WideFix, Andrei Kaleshka.


Fake signups: a threat to your business

A recent technology problem that was solved for one of our clients.

Open-Sourced Library

Migration Data

An open-sourced library developed by us to improve our daily developer task routine..

Open-Sourced Library

Actual DB Schema

An open-sourced library developed by us to improve our daily developer task routine..

Read what our clients have to say.

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Damian Repovs

Founder & CEO, Costa del Home

WideFix did really amazing work on the backend to enable our growth.
Tatiana Solodovnikova

Founder & Project Manager, CertifyIt

“It was their speedy response that stood out.”
Sean Flannagan

Principal Product Manager, Kajabi LLC

“Step by step, tangible progress is made, and the product metrics reflect that.”
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