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Solved the issue with account sharing by users

Added Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to the project in a risk-free way for the business. That increased daily signups by roughly 30%. The revenue has stopped descending 5% monthly and recovered. That also has improved security.

Stop account sharing

We tackled declining revenue by combating widespread account sharing with Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) and login session limits. Through data analysis and monitoring, severe account sharers were targeted, leading to a 30% increase in daily signups and a 400% reduction in average login sessions per user. Revenue stabilized, preventing 5% monthly losses. The login session limit of three sessions per account enhanced security and accountability.



The revenue was slowly descending. It was clear that this happened because the users shared their accounts because of the many logins they used to make daily.



We collected the necessary data to determine who shares their accounts and how severely. Then, we defined indicators showing the situation dynamics and started measuring and monitoring them. We used Metabase to monitor and analyze the data. The users who shared their accounts severely and for sure got Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enabled, which we also implemented. That increased daily signups by roughly 30%. The average login session per user decreased from 6 to 1.5, or by 400%. Revenue has stopped declining.

Later, we implemented a login session limit so that one account could have a maximum of 3 simultaneous login sessions. That was possible only after we built the infrastructure around the measurement system.



Revenue losses
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Monthly signups

Daily signups increased by 30%, login sessions per user decreased by 400%, and revenue stopped declining. Our solution prevented 5% monthly revenue losses.

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